Cube Revolution

Cube was founded in 2010 with a rebellious spirit but honest objective: to provide memorable meals through inventive cuisine, challenging the mundane.

Cube has always existed to create dining experiences and form meaningful relationships with our guests.

Our priorities and values of sustainably grown produce, ethical food preparation and handling, recycling and minimum waste have been in the making since 1990.

I look back on the years of Cube with great fondness and appreciation for what started as an experiment in a tiny space in Parktown North and grew into the trusted, highly regarded eatery we now are.

I am grateful to the thousands who passed through our doors, trusting us enough to provide an experience and then taking the time to voice their trust through all of the positive reviews on our ever-growing social media Cube community.




Throughout the tenure of Cube, I looked to constantly evolve every aspect of the experience – from the food to the environment. For these reasons I relocated Cube to Maboneng in 2016.

Whilst the environment was inspirational, the practicality may have been a little progressive.

Nevertheless, I used the last four months to carefully create a new strategy for the continuity of the Cube brand. As always keeping things fresh and keep people on their toes.

Moving back to Parktown North (where I had retained the initial space that we started in seven years ago,) seemed the most logical thing to do. I acquired additional space next door to the original shop to establish the more fitting environment I had been in search of in Maboneng. I consulted with a design agency to assist with the planning and remodeling of the space and I think what we came up with was a marked improvement and a positive evolutionary step.

It felt really good to be back ‘home’ again in Parktown North, but the pursuit of perfection is not without speedbumps, (of which there have been many along the way).

Turning to my new mantra “Out of adversity comes opportunity.”

I found a quick, interim alternative to continue Cube in a space that had security, ample parking, inside and outside seating and a serene dining ambience.

It’s called Cube Revolution, our pop up and work in progress space at Shop 42, Bryanston Shopping Centre, corner William Nicol and Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston.

We will be adding to the offering of Cube with breakfast and lunch service, an exclusive coffee offering, a full liquor license and of course, dinner tasting menus.

Cube Revolution continues the rebellion we started 7 years ago, only with an enhanced offering.

Like the revolution of a wheel, Cube is on the move again.